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Benefits of Head Start Programs in California

Recent research findings showed that Head Start (HS) programs in California and other areas of the country provide significant educational, economic, health and even law enforcement benefits. The study revealed statistically significant positive impacts for 3- and 4-year old children enrolled in HS program on vocabulary, pre-writing, pre-reading and overall literacy skills.

Research also indicates that HS is a wise investment for society. In fact, it has been shown that society receives about $9 in benefits for every $1 invested in this program. These benefits include higher employment prospects, increased earnings, grade repetitions, reduced crime costs, decreased welfare dependency, family stability, and special education.

Head Start programs in California have also been shown to help improve health of the children and families they serve. These programs reduced mortality rates for 5- to 9-year old children by 33 to 50 percent. In fact, they have been linked to reduced rates of the national average of mortality rates among 5- to 9-year old children. HS programs benefit children and society at large by reducing crime levels and crime costs to victims. Children who have undergone these programs are less likely to be charged with a crime compared to their siblings who didn’t participate.

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How California Head Start Programs Help Kids

Head Start is a unique Federal government-assisted program which helps children in California to prepare for school. This pre-school program is designed to cater to children from birth to the age of five who are from low income families.

The program helps to build up their cognitive reasoning and intellectual capacity. It also promotes the emotional and social development of the children. California Head Start programs create a distinct environment that stimulates early childhood learning. For instance, it supports kids’ growth in several areas including literacy, language and character development.

This scheme emphasizes the pivotal role of parents as the first and most crucial source of teaching and mentoring. Hence, it builds better family relationships and improves the well being of the family. Although this program is meant for families whose income (before taxes) is less than the stipulated Federal poverty level, it also provides temporary assistance for other families regardless of their present level of income.

Ideas to Help California Kids Get Ahead In School

There are many Ideas to help California kids get ahead in school. Most of the kids who seem not to like the idea of going to school can be encouraged and they can change their habits and be ahead in school. Here are some of the useful ideas:

1.Give Them Examples Of Successful People Who Went To School And Achieved
This is one of the most important ideas that will actually work. You as a parent or guardian should show the kids some of the role models who made it in school. The kids will realize their dreams and will work for it.

2.Provide Them With All Necessary Materials
Sometimes the kids hate school because they do not have all the requirements. You should provide them with books; descent uniforms and all that are required. This will encourage them and they will not have any reason not to do well in school.

3.Motivate Them
Motivation will make them realize that their efforts are appreciated. When they will show any improvement in school, you should present to them academic gifts and other motivations. This will make them work extra hard.

Brief Account On Getting A Loan To Send Your Kid To A Private School

Education is the most important thing for a child and as responsible parent; one should do his or her best to provide the best possible education to children. In this regard, you must understand that many good private schools in and around California could charge an amount beyond your capability as school fees. This does not mean you will have to sacrifice your child’s education for money. You can take loan and send your kid to a private school any time you want.

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